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Tarot Card Reading 

See what the cards have in store for your and find out some of your most sought after questions

Spiritual Therapy

Using Metaphysical techniques to help aid in the treatment of depression, and anxiety disorders.

Medium Services 

Are you longing to connect with someone who has passed over?  Let us to take on a journey to that will allow you to make this connection.

Spirit Guides 

Have you ever wondered who is watching over you? We can help you connect to your special spirit guides and open the lines of communication between you.

Past Lives 

Sometimes we can learn a lot about the way we are today by experiencing the way we were in our past lives.


Learning about ourselves through the travel lines of our hands


What will the ancient runes have to say about the wonderful things coming your way?


Looking for an officiant? We can help! We officiate weddings, and ensure your special day is exactly how you have always dreamed it to be.


Saying goodbye is always very difficult we are here to help ensure this farewell is exactly the way you want your loved one to be remembered.


Baptism is a special time for families and we are here to make sure your day is filled with all the special memories you could ever want.

Reiki Treatment

Work with our certified Reiki Master to help you heal in ways you didn't even know possible.

House Cleansing

Need a blessing for your new home or have some unwanted activity we perform house cleansing to clear the home of any negative or unwanted response

Illness and Palliative Services

Is someone you love ill or facing end of life care, we are here to perform blessings and support services to those most in need.

Meditation and Mindfullness

Connect with your spiritual side in a way you didn't know possible.